LIC Shares Soar, Crossing ₹1000 Mark with Record Market Cap


February 5, 2023

New Delhi, India

Investor Confidence Boosts LIC Shares to New Heights

In a significant market development, shares of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), India’s largest life insurer, have surged to unprecedented levels, breaching the ₹1000 mark with an impressive 8.8% jump. This milestone not only signifies a remarkable achievement for the company but also solidifies its position as a key player in the Indian stock market.

Post-IPO Resurgence

LIC‘s shares, after experiencing a subdued performance post-listing, witnessed a notable upswing starting in November. The positive trend continued with gains of 12.83%, 22.52%, and 14% in November, December, and January, respectively. This resurgence has proven to be rewarding for early investors who maintained their positions since the listing.

Market Capitalization Milestone

The surge in share prices has propelled LIC’s market capitalization to a staggering ₹6.50 lakh crore, making it the sixth-largest listed company in India. This achievement not only reflects the investor confidence in LIC but also positions the company as the foremost among government-listed PSU companies.

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Government’s Strategic Move

In December, the government granted a one-time exemption to LIC, allowing the company to achieve the required 25% minimum public shareholding within 10 years, as opposed to the original deadline of 2027. This strategic move has further contributed to LIC’s positive trajectory and market perception.

Q3 Results and Earnings Season Ahead

As LIC continues its upward momentum, the upcoming release of Q3 financial results adds to the anticipation. Alongside LIC, over 500 companies from various sectors are set to declare their results in the current fiscal year, providing valuable insights into the overall market performance.


LIC’s remarkable performance in the stock market, reaching new highs in share prices and market capitalization, underscores its resilience and appeal to investors. The positive momentum, combined with the government’s strategic decisions, positions LIC as a key player in India’s financial landscape.

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