Multibagger stock jumps 1400% in 3 years. ₹1 lakh turns to ₹15 lakh

Multibagger stock jumps 1400%

Olectra Greentech shares are one of the multibagger stocks that the Indian stock market has recently provided, according to this stock. This small-cap stock managed to offer huge returns to its owners over the past three years, particularly during the post-Covid bounce, despite trading sideways to down for about a year. This multibagger stock has provided exceptional 1400% returns to its positioned shareholders over the last three years, who have invested anywhere between 1 lakh and 15 lakh rupees.

Price history of Olectra Greentech shares
This multibagger stock has lost over 9% of its value in the past month, falling from levels of $711 to $648 per share. This small-cap company has increased almost 25% since the beginning of the year, from about $515 to $648 per share. This profitable stock has increased from about 600 to 648 per share during the past six months, delivering its stockholders an 8% return. Unfortunately, due to the stock’s over 5% decline over the past year, it has provided its stockholders with no return.

This multibagger company has increased from about 218 to 648 per share over the past two years, providing positioned shareholders a return of about 200 percent. Similar to the last example, this multibagger stock has increased by about 1400% over the past three years, going from about 44 to 648 per share.

Influence on investment
Using the share price history of Olectra Greentech as a guide, an investor would have made a profit of 91,000 today if they had invested 1 lakh in this multibagger stock one month ago. A one lakh rupee investment in this multibagger stock at the beginning of 2023 would now be worth one and a half lakh rupees. An investor would have received 1.08 lakh today if they had put 1 lakh in this stock six months ago. Yet, if one had invested 1 lakh in this multibagger stock today, it would be worth 95,000.

Two years ago, an investor would have invested one lakh in this stock, and today, that one lakh would be worth three lakh, while in the past three years, it would be worth fifteen lakh. Assuming the investor had stayed invested in this multibagger stock for the whole time frame mentioned above.

It is possible to trade this multibagger stock on both the NSE and BSE. There have been about three and a half hours of trades in it on the NSE, with a trade volume of about 3.8 lakh. On the NSE, it has a 52-week high of $743.35 per share and a 52-week low of $374.10 per share. The multibagger stock’s current PE multiple is 94.50, while the multiple for its industry is 58.80.