₹18 to ₹1500: Multibagger stock turns ₹1 lakh into ₹83.5 lakh in 3-year


Multibagger stock: In the past year, the share price of Aditya Vision has increased by more than 100%. Nonetheless, this small-cap stock has previously provided outstanding returns to its stockholders. In the post-Covid recovery, this business with a market cap of 1800 crores rose from levels of 18 to 1,500 per share, giving its stockholders a return of around 8,250 percent over the past three years.

History of Aditya Vision share prices
Aditya Vision’s share price increased by close to 1.50 percent over the past month, moving in a range between sideways and positive territory. In year-to-date (YTD) time, this multibagger stock has shed about 2.50 per cent however in recent six months, this small-cap multibagger company has climbed from approximately ₹1,385 to ₹1,500 apiece levels, providing over 8 per cent return to its positional investors. But, in recent one year, this Bihar-based company has doubled shareholders money as it rose from approximately ₹710 to ₹1,500 each levels, registering around 110 per cent growth in this time.

Influence on investment
Using the share price history of Aditya Vision as a guide, an investor who bought Rs. 1 lakh in this multibagger stock one month ago would have received Rs. 1.015 lakh in return today. Similarly, if a shareholder had invested Rs. 1 lakh in this small-cap company at the start of the new year in 2023, that amount would now be worth Rs. 97,500. Similar to this, if a shareholder had put $15,000 into this small-cap stock a year ago, that money would now be worth $2,10,000.

A two-year-old investor’s one lakh rupee investment in this multibagger stock would have grown to eight lakh rupees today. Similar to this, if a shareholder had put one lakh rupees into this multibagger small-cap firm three years ago, that amount would now be 83.50 lakh rupees.

Shares of Aditya Vision can only be traded on the BSE. The small-cap multibagger stock had a trade volume of 3,784 at the close on Friday, which indicates that the company has a tiny float. Its 52-week high per share is 1,845 and its 52-week low is 640.30. The PE multiple for the small-cap stock is 27.26, while the PE for the sector is 53.47. So, the stock’s valuations are relatively attractive when compared to those of its competitors, but the stock’s tiny float makes it perfect for high-risk traders.

Source: mint