Adani Group Stocks Soar 20% as US Agency Deems Fraud Allegations “Irrelevant”


December 5, 2023

New Delhi, India

Adani Group Shares

In a significant market move, Adani Group stocks witnessed a remarkable surge, climbing up to 20%, driven by a report affirming the dismissal of fraud allegations made by Hindenburg Research. The catalyst behind this momentum was the endorsement from the International Development Finance Corp (DFC), a US agency that conducted a thorough due diligence investigation.

Adani Green Energy Leads With Funding Boost

Adani Green Energy, the flagship company, led the rally by gaining up to 17%. The surge was fueled by an announcement of securing an additional $1.36 billion through a senior debt facility. This funding catapults the firm’s total construction financing framework to an impressive $3 billion, backed by an international consortium of banks. Notably, the stock has witnessed a 42% surge in the last month.

Adani Ports and ASPEZ Reach New Highs:

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd (ASPEZ) experienced a surge of 15% and 17%, respectively, reaching new 52-week highs. The positive sentiment extended to other subsidiaries as well, with Adani Energy Solutions surging 20%, Adani Total Gas gaining 20%, and Adani Power witnessing a substantial rise of about 15%.

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DFC’s Validation Boosts Investor Confidence:

The validation of Adani Group by the DFC holds significant weight, with a senior US official stating that the government considers Hindenburg Research’s allegations inconsequential. This endorsement has bolstered investor confidence, reflected in the substantial gains across various Adani companies.

Ambuja Cements Completes Strategic Acquisition:

Ambuja Cements saw a 7% rise following the completion of the acquisition of Sanghi Industries (SIL) at an enterprise value of Rs 5,185 crore. This strategic move, entirely funded through internal accruals, has positioned Ambuja Cement with a controlling stake of 54.51% in SIL.


The surge in Adani Group stocks underscores the resilience and positive market sentiment surrounding the conglomerate. With the DFC’s validation and strategic financial moves, Adani companies have not only weathered recent challenges but have also positioned themselves for sustained growth.

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