BLS E-Services Makes Stellar Debut with 129% Premium in IPO Listing


February 6, 2023

New Delhi, India

BLS E-Services has taken the market by storm, making a stellar debut with a 128.9% premium in its IPO listing. Investors are buzzing with excitement as the digital service provider’s stock opened at Rs 305 on the NSE and Rs 309 on the BSE, far surpassing its issue price of Rs 135.

IPO Success and Demand:

The initial public offering, amounting to Rs 311 crore, witnessed an exceptional subscription rate of 162.47 times between January 30 and February 1, making it the most subscribed IPO of the year. High net worth individuals led the subscription, with retail investors and qualified institutional buyers following suit.

Market Expectations Met:

The listing performance was in line with analyst predictions of a 125-130% premium. The stock had already been trading at a 114% premium in the grey market, indicating strong anticipation among investors regarding its potential.

Utilization of IPO Proceeds:

The net proceeds from the IPO will play a crucial role in BLS E-Services’ growth strategy. With a focus on technology infrastructure, new capabilities, and organic growth initiatives through BLS stores, the company aims to consolidate existing platforms and achieve inorganic growth through acquisitions.

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Financial Snapshot:

As of September 30, 2023, the company reported a net profit of Rs 14.68 crore on a revenue of Rs 158.04 crore. However, investors should note that a substantial portion of the revenue, 59.75%, comes from a single customer, the State Bank of India.

Business Model and Diversification:

BLS E-Services operates as a digital service provider, offering business correspondence services to major banks in India. Its revenue is well-diversified, with the BC vertical contributing 66.05%, e-governance contributing 28.34%, and assisted e-services contributing 5.61% to the total revenue from operations.


The success of BLS E-Services’ IPO and the remarkable listing premium underscore a positive market sentiment towards the company. While investors celebrate the strong debut, keeping an eye on the company’s performance and its dependency on a single customer is crucial for informed decision-making in the coming quarters.

In conclusion, BLS E-Services has positioned itself as a formidable player in the digital services sector, backed by a successful IPO and a promising growth trajectory.

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