Daily Currency Snapshot: USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR, JPYINR Respond to Global Economic Changes.

EUR/USD post daily gains

February 7, 2023

New Delhi, India


The last traded price of USDINR was 83.0075 down by -0.08%. The day’s range for USDINR is a high of ₹83.08 and a low of 83.00. The Rupee strengthens amidst positive sentiment following the presentation of the domestic budget. Meanwhile, the US economy shows resilience, adding 353K jobs last month.


The last traded price of GBPINR was 104.6275 up by 0.39%. The day’s range for GBPINR is a high of ₹104.75 and a low of 104.61. The GBP gains ground as investors assess a week filled with monetary policy decisions and economic data. Bank of England’s Bailey comments on the UK recession being ‘in the balance’, with rates ‘under review’ due to anticipated inflation dip.


The last traded price of EURINR was 89.3525 up by 0.20%. The day’s range for EURINR is a high of ₹89.42 and a low of 89.33 The Euro recovers as mixed inflation data likely supported the ECB’s argument against rushing interest rate cuts. Additionally, the Euro zone factory downturn eased for the third consecutive month.


The last traded price of JPYINR was 56.1275 up by 0.36%. The day’s range for JPYINR is a high of ₹56.23 and a low of 55.00. The JPY holds steady after the Federal Reserve pushes back a move in March. Despite this, Japan’s consumer confidence index advances in January, while housing starts decline by 4.0 percent year-on-year in December 2023.