Energy Giants BPCL and Adani Green Post Stellar Q3 Profits and Stock Highs

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January 29, 2023

New Delhi, India

Energy players, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) and Adani Green Energy have recently unveiled robust Q3 FY24 financial results, signaling positive trends in their respective sectors.

BPCL’s Q3 Surge:

BPCL reported an 82.11% YoY surge in consolidated net profit, reaching Rs 3,181.42 crore. The stock soared 5.89% to a one-year high of Rs 501.45. Despite a slight YoY dip in revenue, the QoQ uptick suggests a potential recovery.

Financial Stability and Debt Reduction:

BPCL showcased improved financial stability, with outstanding debt plummeting from Rs 64,260.73 crore to Rs 42,064.15 crore YoY. The net profit margin rose from 1.31% to 2.45%, indicating enhanced profitability.

Investor Response:

Investors responded positively to BPCL’s performance, with the stock hitting a one-year high post the quarterly results. While the two-week average volume decreased, the turnover came at Rs 23.64 crore, securing a market capitalization of Rs 1,07,323.78 crore.

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Adani Green’s Remarkable Growth:

Adani Green Energy recorded a staggering 148.5% YoY increase in consolidated net profit, reaching Rs 256 crore. Revenue surged by 40% to Rs 1,765 crore in Q3 FY24. The company’s EBITDA and cash profit witnessed significant growth.

Operational Excellence and Capacity Expansion:

Adani Green Energy’s operational capacity increased by 16% YoY to 8,478 MW, and the sale of energy rose by 59% to 16,293 million units. The company’s focus on capacity addition and operational efficiency contributed to its remarkable performance.

Market Confidence:

The market responded favorably to Adani Green Energy, with its shares rising more than 5% to Rs 1750, commanding a total market capitalization of close to Rs 2.75 lakh crore. This positive market sentiment reflects confidence in the company’s growth prospects.


Both BPCL and Adani Green Energy have demonstrated resilience and growth in a challenging economic environment. The stellar Q3 performances are likely to strengthen investor confidence and position these energy giants for continued success.

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