EPACK Durable IPO: Should You Buy?

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January 24, 2023

New Delhi, India

EPACK Durable IPO Subscription Status

Investors are closely watching the EPACK Durable IPO as it enters its final day of bidding. The subscription status reveals strong interest, with the public issue being oversubscribed 3.68 times in the initial two days.

Grey Market Resilience Amid Market Sell-Off

Despite a significant sell-off across indices on Tuesday, EPACK Durable Limited’s shares have demonstrated resilience in the grey market. The Grey Market Premium (GMP) stands at ₹31, a marginal decrease from Tuesday’s ₹35.

Investor Optimism Amidst Fluctuations

Analysts remain optimistic about EPACK Durable’s IPO, citing a 13% premium that could attract primary market investors. Despite the Tuesday dip in GMP, the first two days of bidding indicate a strong response, especially from retail and Non-Institutional Investors (NII).

Subscription Breakdown

Breaking down the subscription, the retail portion is subscribed 4.28 times, and the NII portion has witnessed a significant increase to 10.20 times. However, the Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) portion stands at 0.18 times, reflecting comparatively lower interest.

Should You Apply?

With the subscription reaching 4.42 times by 10:51 AM on day 3, potential investors are grappling with the decision of whether to apply. Analysts suggest that the oversubscription and an attractive premium could spur increased interest as the day unfolds.

In conclusion, despite market fluctuations, EPACK Durable’s IPO has garnered substantial attention. The oversubscription, steady performance in the grey market, and the potential for a renewed premium make it a compelling choice for investors. As the bidding concludes today, market watchers anticipate increased activity and attention from primary market investors.

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