ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO: Strong Subscription, Expected 35% Listing Pop

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November 9, 2023

New Delhi, India

ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO Details

ESAF Small Finance Bank’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) garnered immense attention, and oversubscribed by 73.15 times, indicating a potential 35% listing premium.

ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO Overview

ESAF Small Finance Bank successfully concluded its IPO from November 3 to November 7, raising Rs 463 crore. The IPO was priced in the range of Rs 57-60 per share.

Subscription Figures

The IPO witnessed robust demand across different investor categories. Qualified institutional bidders (QIBs), non-institutional investors, retail investors, and employees subscribed at rates of 173.52 times, 84.37 times, 16.97 times, and 4.36 times, respectively.

Grey Market Premium (GMP) and Listing Expectations

Market observers reported a stable GMP of Rs 21 per share in the grey market. This suggests an expected listing pop of around 35%, creating an optimistic outlook for investors.

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ESAF Small Finance Bank’s Focus and Network

ESAF focuses on providing financial solutions and loans to rural and semi-urban customers. Its network spans 700 outlets, 743 customer service centers, and 581 ATMs across 21 states and union territories in India.

Checking Allotment Status

Investors who participated in the IPO can check their allotment status online. They can visit the BSE website’s IPO application check page or use the online portal of Link Intime India for this purpose.

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