Gold Prices Recover in Asian Trade Amidst Geopolitical Uncertainty


April 18, 2023

New Delhi, India

Gold Prices Analysis

Gold prices saw a recovery in Asian trading despite lingering concerns over higher interest rates and pressure from a robust dollar. The recent surge in gold prices, triggered by geopolitical tensions between Iran and Israel, encountered a slight setback as fears of immediate conflict subsided.

Factors Influencing Gold Prices:

Geopolitical Tensions Ease: Following Iran’s strike against Israel, which initially drove gold prices to record highs, fears of immediate escalation cooled as Israel refrained from immediate retaliation. This slight de-escalation led to some return of risk appetite in the markets, prompting profit-taking in gold.

Dollar Pressure Eases: The pressure from the strong dollar eased slightly this week as the greenback retreated from its five-month highs. However, gold failed to fully capitalize on this weakness due to concerns about higher-for-longer interest rates.

Gold Performance and Outlook:

Recovery in Spot Gold Prices: Spot gold rose by 0.6% to $2,374.31 an ounce, with futures for June also experiencing a slight increase to $2,389.05 an ounce. Despite this rebound, gold prices tumbled by 0.9% on Wednesday after reaching record highs of over $2,340 an ounce last week.

Challenges Ahead: Despite the possibility of short-term gains, further upward momentum for gold is uncertain amidst expectations of higher-for-longer US interest rates. Strong inflation data and hawkish signals from the Federal Reserve have led traders to reevaluate expectations for a June rate cut by the central bank.

Performance of Other Precious Metals: Platinum futures fell by 0.3% to $949.60 an ounce, while silver futures rose by 0.2% to $28.465 an ounce. These metals also experienced some weakness during the week but displayed mixed performance in Asian trade.


Gold prices experienced a recovery in Asian trading, driven by a combination of geopolitical tensions, dollar movements, and market sentiment. However, the outlook for gold remains uncertain amidst lingering concerns over interest rates and macroeconomic factors. Investors continue to monitor developments closely to navigate the evolving landscape of precious metal markets.

As of writing this article Gold Price on MCX was trading at Rs. 72,737 up 0.39%.

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