Happy Forgings IPO: Anticipated 30% Premium Signals Positive Listing


December 27, 2023

New Delhi, India

Happy Forgings IPO Details

Happy Forgings Limited is gearing up for its much-anticipated IPO listing on December 27, 2023, bringing optimism to the stock market.

Listing Date and Platforms:

The IPO is scheduled to be listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NES). The listing will take place during a special pre-open session on Wednesday, creating a buzz in the market.

Grey Market Signals:

In the grey market, a premium of ₹285 is currently associated with Happy Forgings Limited shares. This indicates a potential IPO listing price of around ₹1,135, suggesting a substantial 30% premium.

Expert Opinions and Market Sentiments:

Stock market experts have expressed confidence in the Happy Forgings IPO, citing a robust response from investors. Positive market sentiments are contributing to expectations of a favourable listing, with experts projecting a premium of 25% to 30% for allottees.

Potential Gain for Allottees:

Allottees of the Happy Forgings IPO could potentially enjoy gains ranging from 25% to 30%, aligning with expert predictions. The grey market’s premium further supports this outlook, reinforcing the anticipation of a positive listing for investors.

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The Happy Forgings IPO is generating excitement among investors, with the grey market and experts both forecasting a positive listing. As the market eagerly awaits the outcome, investors should stay tuned for real-time updates on December 27, 2023.

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