HDFC Bank’s Strong Q2 FY24 Results Exceed Forecasts


October 17, 2023

New Delhi, India

HDFC Bank’s Q2 FY24 Results Exceed Expectations

HDFC Bank, India’s leading private sector bank, has unveiled its financial performance for the second quarter of FY24, showcasing impressive results that have outperformed market forecasts. Let’s delve into the key highlights:

Net Profit Grows by 6% YoY

HDFC Bank reported a robust net profit of ₹15,980 crore for Q2 FY24, representing a significant 6% year-on-year growth. This strong performance has exceeded market predictions, underscoring the bank’s resilience and financial stability in a dynamic economic landscape.

Net Interest Income (NII) Increases by 6.7%

The bank’s NII for the quarter stood at ₹27,385 crore, indicating a substantial 6.7% YoY growth. Although it slightly missed the estimated ₹28,500 crore, it underscores a healthy uptick in income generated from lending activities.

Operating Profit Surges by 30.5%

HDFC Bank experienced an impressive 30.5% YoY surge in its operating profit, reaching ₹22,694 crore. This remarkable growth in operating profit underscores the bank’s efficient management and strategic decision-making.

Operating Expenses Rise

Operating expenses increased by 37.2% YoY, totaling ₹15,399 crore. This uptick can be attributed to investments in technology and infrastructure, aligning with the bank’s long-term growth strategies.

Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) Require Attention

The gross NPA as a percentage of total loans increased to 1.34% as of September 30, compared to 1.23% a year ago. Managing and controlling NPAs remains a priority for HDFC Bank to maintain a robust asset portfolio.

Merger with HDFC Corporation

This marks the first quarterly financial report of HDFC Bank after its merger with Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), which became effective on July 1. The successful integration illustrates HDFC Bank’s commitment to expansion and its preparedness to navigate evolving financial landscapes.

In summary, HDFC Bank’s Q2 FY24 results reveal a strong financial performance, with net profit exceeding expectations. Despite some challenges, the bank’s core operations, including NII and operating profit, demonstrated healthy growth. Managing NPAs effectively will be pivotal as the bank moves forward in its new structure following the merger with HDFC.