Indian Rupee Holds Ground Amid Economic Signals and RBI Meeting Expectations

Dollar vs Rupee

December 6, 2023

New Delhi, India


Amidst a fluctuating global economic landscape, the Indian Rupee (INR) is navigating various challenges and opportunities. This article delves into recent developments, focusing on economic indicators, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting, and the USD/INR exchange rate.

Economic Indicators: Mixed Signals

S&P Global Services PMI: India’s S&P Global Services Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for November signals a slowdown, falling to 56.9 from October’s 58.4. While growth has decelerated, the index remains above the critical 50-mark threshold, indicating continued expansion.

S&P Global Forecast: Despite the PMI dip, S&P Global’s outlook projects India as the fastest-growing major economy over the next three years, with a forecasted growth rate of 7% in the 2026–27 fiscal year. However, questions linger regarding India’s evolution into a global manufacturing hub.

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RBI Meeting Expectations: Balancing Act

Repo Rate Outlook: As the RBI prepares for its December meeting, expectations lean towards a status quo on the repo rate at 6.5%. Positive GDP growth, easing core inflation, and resilient domestic macroeconomic data contribute to this anticipated decision.

Governor’s Perspective: RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das acknowledges moderated headline inflation but underscores India’s sensitivity to global food price shocks and adverse weather events.

Market Trends: Rally and Milestones

Market Dynamics: Indian markets sustain a rally driven by factors such as an improving US interest rate outlook, moderate oil prices, resilient domestic macroeconomic data, foreign inflows, and optimism about policy continuity in 2024.

Stock Market Milestone: India’s stock market achieves a historic milestone, surpassing $4 trillion in value for the first time, solidifying its position as the world’s fifth-largest equity market.

Global Factors: US Influence and Fed Futures

US Economic Indicators: In the global arena, the US ISM Services PMI rises in November, surpassing expectations. Conversely, JOLTS Job Openings decline to their lowest since March 2021, reflecting a nuanced economic scenario.

Fed Futures Shift: Speculations arise in Fed futures, indicating a shift in expectations. The market anticipates a potential shift from rate hikes to policy rate cuts as early as March or May.

Technical Analysis: USDINR Outlook

Exchange Rate Dynamics: The USDINR pair maintains a positive stance, trading within a range of 82.80–83.40. Technical analysis highlights a constructive outlook as it holds above the key 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

Key Levels: Resistance levels at 83.40, 83.47, and 84.00 are crucial, while the 83.00 psychological mark serves as a key support level. Breaching support could lead to a decline towards 82.80 and 82.60.

At the time of writing this news article, USDINR is hovering around 83.32

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As the Indian Rupee treads through a complex economic terrain, influenced by both domestic and global factors, market participants are closely watching the upcoming RBI meeting and the unfolding dynamics of the USD/INR exchange rate. The delicate balance between positive indicators and underlying challenges sets the stage for a nuanced economic trajectory.

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