JTL Industries Q3 Results Marks Record Highs with Robust Performance


January 12, 2023

New Delhi, India

JTL Industries Q3

In a significant milestone, JTL Industries’ share price hit a new lifetime high, reaching ₹267.40 apiece on the NSE, following a remarkable 20% rally in just one month. The surge came ahead of the company’s Q3 results announcement during a board meeting on Friday.

Positive Q3 Results Boost Investor Confidence: JTL Industries reported improved sequential performance for Q3FY24, showcasing an uptick in standalone total revenue and net profit. The standalone total revenue for the October to December 2023 period rose to ₹568.33 crore, marking a substantial 12.50% increase from Q2FY24. Similarly, the standalone net profit grew by 8.15%, reaching ₹30.18 crore in Q3.

Steady Growth Over the Last Nine Months: The company’s financial prowess extends beyond the quarterly results. In the first nine months of the current fiscal year, JTL Industries recorded a stellar standalone net profit of ₹83.47 crore, reflecting a remarkable 56% surge compared to the same period in the previous year.

Net Worth on the Rise: JTL Industries also reported a positive trend in its net worth during Q3FY24. The company’s net worth reached ₹519.44 crore, showcasing an impressive 8.9% increase from the previous quarter.

Market Response and Short-Term Profit-Taking: The market responded positively to the Q3 results, with the share price hitting record highs. However, profit booking occurred as the stock retraced from its intraday peak, indicating some short-term profit-taking by investors.

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Investor Sentiment and Future Outlook: Investors are optimistic about JTL Industries’ growth trajectory, considering its consistent improvement in total revenue, net profit, and net worth. The positive market response underscores confidence in the company’s financial health.


JTL Industries’ stellar Q3 performance, coupled with the stock’s recent rally, positions the company as a noteworthy player in the market. The positive results and investor sentiment bode well for its future prospects.

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