Market closes: Sensex drops, Nifty below 19,700

Dollar vs Rupee

September 26, 2023

New Delhi, India

Today’s Market Update 

The Indian stock market displayed a muted performance on Tuesday, with the benchmark Sensex shedding 65 points to close at 65,958, while the Nifty 50 ended just 2 points lower at 19,672. The market’s lackluster showing was attributed to a persistent wave of foreign fund selling, driven by concerns over sustained global interest rates.

Foreign Funds Drive Market Sentiment: 

Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) have been actively offloading Indian equities this month, totaling shares worth $1.36 billion, a sharp contrast to their substantial investments in Indian markets earlier this year. This foreign fund exodus is primarily motivated by fears that global interest rates are set to remain elevated.

US Federal Reserve’s Influence: 

The recent communication from the U.S. Federal Reserve, signaling a potential continuation of rate hikes, has weighed heavily on Indian markets. Both the Sensex and Nifty have experienced a 2.5% dip over the past week, reflecting investor apprehension regarding future rate movements.

Consolidation Ahead of Corporate Results: 

Market experts anticipate that Indian markets will consolidate further in the run-up to the corporate results season in October. This period typically sees heightened market activity as investors react to the financial performance of companies.

Sectoral Trends:

Notably, information technology (IT) stocks faced headwinds, falling 0.6%, primarily due to concerns surrounding demand uncertainty stemming from the elevated interest rate environment in the United States, a critical market for Indian IT firms. Conversely, the automotive sector displayed resilience, with Eicher Motors rising by 3.7%.

Vodafone Idea Surges to 20-Month High: Vodafone Idea made waves by surging 7% to reach its highest level in 20 months. This significant gain caught the attention of market participants.

NABARD’s Social Impact Bonds: 

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) accepted bids worth Rs 10.40 billion ($125 million) for social impact bonds, signaling growing investor interest in socially responsible investments.

Mixed Market Breadth: 

The market breadth remained neutral, with an advance-decline ratio evenly balanced at 1:1, indicative of a mixed distribution of gainers and losers.

Other Concerns: 

In addition to global rate fears, rising U.S. treasury yields, inflation concerns stemming from surging crude oil prices, and below-average monsoon rainfall were cited as additional factors affecting investor sentiment in India.

The Indian stock market continues to navigate a complex landscape, with both domestic and international factors influencing trading activity. Market participants are closely monitoring developments in anticipation of corporate earnings reports in the coming weeks.