McDonald’s temporarily shuts US offices, prepares layoff notices: Report

McDonald's temporarily shuts US offices

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that the burger major McDonald’s Inc. is temporarily closing its US offices this week as it gets ready to inform corporate staff about its layoffs as part of a larger company restructure.
According to the article, McDonald’s invited some American staff members and some international workers to work from home from Monday through Wednesday so it could convey personnel decisions electronically. How many workers will be let go is unknown.
The Chicago-based business stated in the statement seen by the Journal that “during the week of April 3, we will communicate significant decisions pertaining to positions and employment levels across the firm.”

According to the allegation, McDonald’s also requested that staff members cancel all in-person meetings at the company’s headquarters with vendors and other outside parties.

McDonald’s did not answer right away when Reuters asked for a comment.

As part of an updated business plan, the fast-food giant said in January that it will review the corporate employment levels. This evaluation could result in layoffs in some sectors and expansion in others.

On Monday, McDonald’s is anticipated to start making significant announcements.