Muthoot Finance to consider interim dividend on 6 April, fixes record date

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Muthoot Finance, the largest gold loan NBFC in the country, will think about giving an interim dividend to its shareholders on April 6. This would be for the financial year FY23. The company has set the date for the dividend record date, but it won’t say how much it will pay as a dividend until next month.

On April 6, Muthoot’s board of directors will meet to “consider declaring an interim dividend for the fiscal year 2022-23.”
The company chose April 18 as the date of record for figuring out which shareholders are eligible for the interim dividend.

Muthoot said that the interim dividend would go to shareholders whose names are on the list at the end of business hours on April 18, 2023. The following people would be:

  • as Beneficial Owners according to the list that will be given by the Depositories for the shares that are held electronically;
  • as Members of the Company in the Register of Members of the Company for physical shares.

The company plans to pay the dividend to shareholders within 30 days of declaring it.

Muthoot Finance shares closed at 928.05 each on BSE on Friday, which was a small drop from the previous close. The market cap of the company is more than 37,256 crore.
Muthoot’s dividend yield is about 2.15 percent at its current market price.

Muthoot paid its shareholders a total dividend of 20 per share, which was 200% of what it made in FY22.

Source: Team CurrencyVeda