Oil Prices Dip 2% as OPEC+ Cuts Face Skepticism Amid Global Economic Concerns

Crude Oil

December 4, 2023

New Delhi, India

Crude Oil Prices Dips 2%

In a recent turn of events, oil prices witnessed a 2% decline amid growing skepticism among investors regarding the effectiveness of OPEC+ supply cuts. The market is grappling with uncertainties related to global economic trends and geopolitical factors.

OPEC+ Supply Cuts Face Investor Doubt:

OPEC+ producers, responsible for over 40% of global oil production, recently agreed to slash approximately 2.2 million barrels per day in the first quarter of the upcoming year. This figure includes maintaining Saudi Arabia and Russia’s current voluntary cuts of 1.3 million bpd(barrels per day). However, traders view this announcement with caution, raising concerns about the voluntary nature of the cuts and whether they will be fully implemented.

Global Economic Factors Weigh In:

The market sentiment is further influenced by weak US manufacturing and subdued factory employment. US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s cautious approach to interest rates, considering balanced risks, adds to the overall economic uncertainty. The slow growth in demand, evident in poor global manufacturing activity, remains a critical factor impacting oil prices.

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Geopolitical Uncertainties and Conflicts:

Geopolitical tensions, including the collapse of talks between Israel and Hamas, initially supported oil prices due to fears of potential disruptions in supply. However, the conflict in Gaza has not yet significantly affected global oil flows.

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US Sanctions and Supply-Side Concerns:

The US has imposed additional sanctions on Russian oil, targeting entities and oil tankers in connection with the price cap on Russian oil. This move adds to concerns on the supply side, contributing to the downward pressure on oil prices.


As oil prices post a weekly loss of about 2%, the market grapples with skepticism surrounding OPEC+ supply cuts, coupled with global economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions. Investors are closely monitoring developments to gauge the future trajectory of oil prices in this complex landscape.