Oil Prices Rise on Production Adjustments and Economic Factors

Crude Oil

February 7, 2023

New Delhi, India

Oil Prices Climb Amidst Production Forecasts and Economic Indicators

WTI crude oil rises by 0.87% to $73.51, influenced by various factors including changes in US oil production forecasts and the performance of the US Dollar.

Factors Driving the Rise

  • Weaker US Dollar: The weakening of the US Dollar has contributed to the increase in oil prices, making crude oil more affordable for holders of other currencies.
  • Fed’s Cautious Stance: Federal Reserve officials, including Loretta Mester, have signaled a data-dependent approach to interest rate adjustments, alleviating concerns of immediate rate cuts which could have negatively impacted oil prices.
  • US Energy Department’s Adjustment: The US Energy Department’s reduction in its 2024 oil production growth estimates, from 290K to 170K barrels per day, has also bolstered oil prices by indicating potential supply constraints.

Market Sentiment and Global Developments

  • The cautious approach adopted by the Federal Reserve regarding interest rates has influenced market sentiment, contributing to the rise in oil prices amidst uncertainties surrounding economic recovery.
  • The de-escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict offers relief to oil traders, potentially driving prices lower as geopolitical tensions ease.

Upcoming Data Release

  • US oil inventory data, scheduled for release later in the day, is expected to show an increase in inventories for gasoline and diesel, which could impact oil prices further.


Oil prices have surged as a result of various factors including a weaker US Dollar, the Fed’s cautious stance on interest rates, and adjustments in US oil production forecasts. Market sentiment remains sensitive to economic indicators and global developments, with upcoming inventory data poised to influence future price movements.

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