Qualitek Labs IPO Debuts with 90% Premium, Sets Positive Tone for Investors


January 29, 2023

New Delhi, India

Qualitek Labs, a promising player in the testing and certification sector, marked an impressive debut on the BSE SME platform as its shares opened at ₹190 per share, reflecting a remarkable 90% premium over the issue price of ₹100.

Strong Investor Interest and Oversubscription

The IPO, which was open for subscription from January 18 to January 23, garnered exceptional attention from investors. By the closing day, it was oversubscribed by a substantial 58.95 times, underscoring the high confidence and interest in Qualitek Labs’ future prospects.

Fund Utilization Plans and Transparency

The IPO comprised a fresh issue of 19.64 lakh shares, raising ₹19.64 crore. The net proceeds are earmarked for funding capital expenditure, laboratory expansion, loan repayment, working capital needs, and general corporate purposes, as outlined in the company’s DRHP report. This transparency in fund allocation enhances investor confidence.

Key IPO Details

The IPO was priced at ₹100 per share, with a lot size of 1,200 shares. The pricing structure and lot size provide essential information for potential investors looking to participate in the offering.

Roles of Key Entities

Oneview Corporate Advisors Private Limited played a pivotal role as the book-running lead manager, while Skyline Financial Services Private Ltd served as the registrar for the IPO. These entities contribute significantly to the smooth execution and management of the IPO process.

Grey Market Premium and Anticipation

The grey market premium (GMP) for Qualitek Labs IPO stood at +60, indicating a ₹60 premium in the unofficial market before the official listing. Analysts suggest a positive outlook, with the estimated listing price at ₹160 per share, a 60% increase from the IPO price.


Qualitek Labs’ successful IPO debut underscores the strong investor confidence in the company’s potential. The substantial premium at listing and the oversubscription highlight the positive sentiment in the market. As Qualitek Labs embarks on its journey as a publicly-listed entity, investors are keenly watching for further developments in the testing and certification sector.

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