Rashi Peripherals IPO Allotment Status Declared, GMP Holds Strong at ₹76

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February 13, 2023

New Delhi, India

Rashi Peripherals IPO Allotment Status Announced

Investors eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Rashi Peripherals IPO can now check their application status online, as the allotment status has been officially declared. The IPO, which garnered significant attention in the market, has seen its shares trading at a premium of ₹76 in the grey market, indicating strong demand among investors.

Grey Market Premium Holds Strong

Market observers note that despite a slight decrease from the previous day’s Grey Market Premium (GMP) of ₹85, the GMP for Rashi Peripherals IPO remains robust at ₹76. This premium is viewed as commendable, especially with the IPO listing date approaching rapidly. Analysts attribute the minor dip in GMP to a sell-off that occurred on Monday.

How to Check Allotment Status

For those who have applied for the Rashi Peripherals IPO, checking the allotment status is a straightforward process. Investors can log in to the BSE website or the website of the official registrar, Link Intime India Private Limited, to access their application status. A step-by-step guide is provided for convenience, ensuring investors can easily navigate through the process.

Stable Market Performance

Despite fluctuations in the GMP, shares of Rashi Peripherals have demonstrated stability in the market. Investors remain optimistic about the performance of the company post-listing, contributing to the overall positive sentiment surrounding the IPO.


With the Rashi Peripherals IPO allotment status now available, investors can assess their participation in this highly anticipated offering. The steady GMP and stable market performance reflect the confidence of investors in the company’s prospects. As the IPO listing date approaches, all eyes are on Rashi Peripherals to see how it performs in the market.

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