SEBI Enhances Transparency in Stock Market with New Short-Selling Regulations


December 6, 2024

New Delhi, India

New Short-Selling Regulations

In a move aimed at fostering transparency in the Indian stock market, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) unveiled updated regulations on January 5, 2024, pertaining to short sales.

SEBI’s Initiative to Boost Transparency:

SEBI’s latest measures focus on two key provisions: the upfront declaration of short sales and the dissemination of this information to the public. These changes come as part of SEBI’s ongoing efforts to regulate and augment transparency in the market.

Upfront Disclosure by Institutional Investors:

Under the new regulations, institutional investors are now required to disclose, at the time of placing an order, whether the transaction involves a short sale. On the other hand, retail investors have until the end of the trading day to make a similar declaration. This move is seen as a step toward aligning market practices with investor protection.

Broker and Exchange Responsibilities:

SEBI has placed the responsibility on brokers and stock exchanges to collect, collate, and upload details on scrip-wise short sell positions before the start of the next trading day. The stock exchanges will then consolidate this information and make it public on a weekly basis through their websites.

Alignment with Existing Frameworks:

These updates bring the short-selling framework in line with both the Master Circular issued in October 2023 and a circular from 2007. The aim is to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework that addresses current market dynamics while drawing on past experiences.

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Impact on Institutional Investors:

The regulations also restrict institutional investors from day trading, emphasizing fulfillment of obligations on a gross basis. Custodians, however, will continue settling deliveries on a net basis with stock exchanges. Naked short trades remain strictly prohibited.

Mixed Reactions and Concerns:

The new regulations have sparked mixed reactions within the financial community. While some express concerns about potential impacts on market efficiency, others emphasize the importance of a data-driven approach to maintain a balance between stability and dynamism.

Enhanced Transparency Through Weekly Public Data:

As part of SEBI’s broader goal to enhance transparency, the stock exchanges will consolidate short sell position data and make it public on a weekly basis. This move is expected to provide investors with valuable insights and contribute to a more informed and transparent market environment.


SEBI‘s latest regulations represent a significant step towards fostering transparency in the Indian stock market. By mandating upfront disclosure of short sales and facilitating the dissemination of this information to the public, the regulatory body aims to create a more accountable and informed marketplace.

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