Tata Coffee and Tata Consumer Products Merger Set for January 1, 2024


December 29, 2023

New Delhi, India

Tata Merger Upcoming

Tata Coffee and Tata Consumer Products are poised for a significant development as their proposed merger, part of a broader reorganization plan, is scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2024.

Merger Details:

The merger entails combining all businesses of Tata Coffee with Tata Consumer Products, aligning with the company’s objective of unlocking synergies and operational efficiencies. Simultaneously, Tata Coffee’s plantation unit will be demerged and integrated into TCPL Beverages & Foods, another unit within the Tata group.

Conditions and Fulfillment:

The board of directors has affirmed that all necessary conditions, including regulatory requirements, have been duly met. This step marks a strategic move towards consolidating the strengths of both entities.

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Dissolution without Winding-Up:

Post the Scheme’s effective date, Tata Coffee will undergo dissolution without winding-up. Consequently, the offices of all Directors and Key Managerial Personnel will stand vacated.

Record Date and Shareholder Eligibility:

A crucial aspect of the merger is the record date set for January 15, 2024. This date will determine the eligible shareholders of TCL who will receive shares in Tata Consumer Products, as per the demerger and amalgamation.

Share Price Movement:

On December 28, Tata Coffee and Tata Consumer Products shares hit their 52-week high. Tata Consumer Products stock settled near the day’s high, showcasing positive market sentiment towards the impending merger.

Shareholders’ Approval and Equity Share Issuance:

Shareholders of Tata Consumer Products, Tata Coffee, and TCPL Beverages and Foods have previously given their nod to the restructuring proposal. As part of the reorganization scheme, existing shareholders will be issued one equity share in Tata Consumer Products for every 22 equity shares held in Tata Coffee by TCPL.


The merger of Tata Coffee and Tata Consumer Products represents a strategic move towards optimizing operations within the Tata group. With the effective date approaching on January 1, 2024, the reorganization is expected to pave the way for enhanced collaboration and growth across the integrated businesses.

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