Titan Company’s Strong Q3 Performance Propels Shares to 52-Week High

Titan Company

January 8, 2023

New Delhi, India

Titan Company Shares Surge

In a notable feat, Titan Company‘s shares surged to a 52-week high at Rs 3,776.85 on the NSE, driven by a stellar performance in the third quarter of 2023. The consumer discretionary major reported a substantial 22% YoY growth in standalone revenue, outshining the Nifty and marking a remarkable 50% return over the past 12 months.

Positive Stock Momentum:

The positive momentum in Titan’s stock reflects its exceptional financial performance and investor confidence. This surge has been consistent, with the company outpacing the broader market trends, making it an attractive investment option.

Analyst Endorsement and Revised Target Price:

HSBC, in response to Titan’s Q3 updates, reiterated its buy call on the stock. The brokerage raised the target price from Rs 3,900 to Rs 4,200, acknowledging the strong Q3 results. HSBC particularly praised the 23% YoY growth in jewelry sales, which surpassed consensus expectations, reinforcing Titan’s structural attractiveness in the market.

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Business Expansion and Store Addition:

Titan’s strategic move to add 90 stores during the quarter, bringing the total to 2,949 stores, underscores the company’s commitment to expansion. This not only bolsters its market presence but also signifies a positive outlook for future growth opportunities.

Segment-wise Performance:

The jewelry division emerged as a standout performer, reporting a robust 21% YoY growth in the domestic market. The double-digit buyer growth and moderate improvement in average selling prices contributed to this success. Gold (plain) and coins witnessed notable growth, surpassing studded sales, indicating sustained consumer interest despite higher prices and market volatility.

Festive Strategies and Wedding Segment:

During the festive period, Titan implemented well-received investments in exchange programs and consumer offers, ensuring the momentum of growth. The wedding segment also witnessed a marginal improvement YoY, further contributing to the positive overall performance.

EyeCare Division as an Exception:

While most divisions reported strong performances, the EyeCare division stood out negatively, according to HSBC’s note. This exception highlights the need for potential adjustments and focus within that segment.


Titan Company‘s Q3 results paint a picture of a thriving business, with a comprehensive strategy that includes expansion, targeted festive initiatives, and robust performance across most segments. The positive market sentiment, supported by analyst endorsements, positions Titan as a compelling investment choice in the consumer discretionary sector.

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