Adani Group Secures $6 Billion Global Investments, Boosting Market Confidence


December 21, 2023

New Delhi, India

Adani Group

In a significant turn of events, the Adani group has attracted substantial global investments exceeding $6 billion in the year 2023. This surge accounts for nearly one-third of the total net foreign portfolio inflows into Indian equities during the same period.

Renewed Confidence Post-Hindenburg:

Following the fallout from Hindenburg Research’s allegations, Rajiv Jain-led GQG Partners played a pivotal role in restoring confidence in the Adani group. With investments surpassing $4 billion, GQG Partners strategically acquired stakes in key group firms, facilitating the repayment of share-backed loans and instilling confidence among global investors holding Adani group bonds.

Transaction Details and Investor Profile:

The investments, totalling over ₹52,000 crores between March and October, were predominantly executed through bulk and block deal windows of the exchanges. GQG Partners emerged as one of the largest investors, showcasing their confidence in the Adani group’s resilience.

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Diverse Global Investments:

The Adani group’s appeal extends beyond GQG Partners, with long-term global investors participating in the financial revival. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority acquired stakes in Adani Energy Solutions, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, and Adani Power. Qatar Investment Authority made a notable investment, acquiring a 2.69% stake in Adani Green Energy for $470 million in August, which has since appreciated to about $785 million.

Global Retirement Funds Express Confidence:

Noteworthy is the trust placed by long-term retirement funds from diverse regions. Australia’s superannuation funds, such as Australian Super and CareSuper, have invested in Adani Energy Solutions, further underlining the global confidence in Adani’s future prospects. Similarly, the Employees Retirement System of Texas, Saudi Arabia’s General Organisation for Social Insurance, and other prominent funds have chosen to invest in the Adani group.

Market Outlook and Conclusion:

The influx of global funds, strategic investments, and the diverse investor base suggest a positive outlook for the Adani group. The market’s renewed confidence reflects not only financial recovery but also the group’s resilience in overcoming challenges.

In conclusion, the Adani group’s ability to attract significant global investments in 2023 signifies a turning point, showcasing a robust recovery and renewed investor trust.

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