Azad Engineering IPO: Stellar Debut with 37% Premium, Hits ₹727 Mark


December 28, 2023

New Delhi, India

Celebrity-Backed Azad Engineering IPO Makes Striking Entry

In a remarkable debut on the stock market, Azad Engineering’s initial public offering (IPO) has taken the financial world by storm. Backed by cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, the company’s shares soared, listing at an impressive 37% premium and crossing the ₹700 mark within hours.

Successful IPO Listing:

The IPO, which had its allotment finalised on December 27, generated high anticipation among subscribers, with expectations of robust returns. Azad Engineering’s entry into the market was marked by a premium listing on the BSE, exceeding investor expectations.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Influence:

The celebrity endorsement from Sachin Tendulkar has undoubtedly played a role in elevating investor confidence. The cricket icon’s association with the company added a unique dimension to the IPO, contributing to the positive sentiment surrounding Azad Engineering.

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Grey Market Premium (GMP) Optimism:

Early indicators from the Grey Market Premium suggested promising returns, with predictions of the share price being 40% higher than the IPO price band. This anticipation set the stage for an exciting opening on the stock market.

BSE Notice and Special Pre-Open Session:

The BSE notice confirmed that Azad Engineering’s equity shares would be listed in the ‘B’ Group of Securities. The trading session commenced at 9:15 am, with a special pre-open session starting around 10 am, further emphasizing the significance of the IPO.

Intraday Surge:

In the initial trading hours, Azad Engineering’s share prices surged, reaching an intraday high of ₹727 on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and ₹727.50 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This impressive performance reflects strong demand and positive investor sentiment.

Looking Ahead:

While the IPO’s initial success is evident, it remains crucial to monitor Azad Engineering’s performance in the coming days. Factors such as market dynamics, the company’s operational performance, and industry trends will influence the sustainability of this positive momentum.

In conclusion, Azad Engineering IPO has not only marked a stellar debut but has also set the stage for potential future success in the stock market.

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