Indian Stock Market Closes: Nifty Very Close to 21,000 Mark

Indian stock market

December 8, 2023

New Delhi, India

Stock Market Highlights

Nifty 50 Record Highs

Nifty 50 has made significant strides, touching the coveted 21,000 mark. A comprehensive analysis of the current stock market scenario reveals intriguing trends and factors influencing the trajectory.

Nifty Hits Record Highs Amid Sectoral Fluctuations

While the Nifty basks in the glory of breaching the 21,000 level, a closer look at sectoral performance unveils a nuanced story. Notably, capital goods and information technology sectors stand resilient, defying the red trend seen in other indices. Auto, oil & gas, and power sectors witness a mild dip of 1-2 percent, impacting the BSE Midcap and smallcap indices, both down by 0.5 percent.

MPC’s Strategic Move in Maintaining Policy Rates

Delving into the monetary realm, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) adopts a strategic stance by keeping policy rates steady. This calibrated decision aims to strike a balance between managing inflation and fostering sustainable economic growth. Emphasis is placed on tackling persistent inflationary pressures, particularly concerning food prices. Despite recent measures alleviating core inflation, the consensus suggests a cautious approach, signaling no imminent rate cuts in the near future.

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Bulls Defy Weak Cues as Sensex and Nifty Reach New Heights

In defiance of weak cues from the Asian market, bulls assert dominance, propelling Sensex and Nifty to fresh record highs. The rally is attributed to gains in IT stocks and the commendable performance of the index heavyweight HDFC Bank. The market remains in the green, boosted by favorable factors such as weak oil prices and optimism in the US stocks.

RBI Maintains Status Quo Amid Economic Optimism

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) keeps the key repo rate unchanged for the fifth consecutive time at 6.50%. Governor Shaktikanta Das underscores the importance of inflation control, particularly amid expectations of a spike in food prices. The decision aligns with the backdrop of better-than-expected economic growth.

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Global Factors and US Non-farm Payrolls Impact Market Sentiments

The focus shifts to global factors as traders await Friday’s US non-farm payrolls report. The report becomes a pivotal element for assessing the outcome of the upcoming Federal Reserve policy meeting. A volatile week appears poised to end positively, with indications that the US labor market and economy are showing signs of slowing.

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