Over 1 crore mobile numbers linked with Aadhaar in February

1 crore numbers linked with Aadhaar

NEW DELHI: Following requests from citizens in the month of February, over 1 crore mobile numbers were seeded in Aadhaar, according to an official statement released on Friday.
The Unique Identification Authority of India reports that from 56.7 lakh registrations in January, the linking of mobile numbers with Aadhaar increased by 93% in February (UIDAI).
The number of mobile numbers seeded in Aadhaar as a result of requests from people increased by more than 93% in February 2023 to over 10.97 million, according to the announcement.
One of the major driving forces behind the expansion of seeding mobile numbers with Aadhaar is thought to be the linking of Pan numbers with the identification system.

According to estimates, 90 crore Aadhaar users have connected their mobile numbers to their unique ID as of this writing.
According to the statement, “The UIDAI has been urging residents to link their Aadhaar with cell number for better and effective communication when enjoying plethora of volunteer services” and taking use of social benefits.

The implementation of Aadhaar has been announced for almost 1700 Central and State social welfare direct benefit transfer (DBT) and good governance initiatives.

Aadhaar authentication transactions climbed by 13 per cent to 226.29 crore in February above 199.62 crore transactions conducted in January.

Up until February 2023, UIDAI has tallied 9,255.57 crore Aadhaar authentication transactions.

According to the statement, fingerprint authentication accounted for the majority of authentication transaction counts, followed by demographic and OTP.

According to UIDAI, more than 26.79 crore e-KYC transactions were completed in February, bringing the total to 1,439.04 crore.