PM Modi Unveils Paytm’s National Mobility Card for Delhi-NCR Commuters


October 27, 2023

New Delhi, India

Delhi-NCR Commuters Can Now Enjoy Seamless Payment Solutions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched an innovative payment solution that promises to simplify the daily transactions of millions of commuters in the Delhi-NCR region. The Paytm Payments Bank Wallet & Transit Card, known as the National Mobility Card (NCMC), aims to streamline payments for travel, shopping, and more.

A Unified Solution for Daily Payments

The collaboration between Paytm Payments Bank and the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) has given birth to a versatile payment card. The NCMC card offers a one-stop solution for a wide range of daily payment needs. Whether you’re travelling in the metro, bus, or train, making in-store purchases, or shopping online, this card covers it all.

Easy Access and Digital Application Process

Customers can acquire the NCMC card at any NCRTC NaMo Bharat RRTS station. Its digital application process ensures hassle-free card management and expense tracking. This user-friendly approach simplifies everyday payments for commuters.

A Commitment to Urban Mobility

Surinder Chawla, MD & CEO of Paytm Payments Bank Limited, expressed the bank’s dedication to solving urban mobility issues. He noted that the Paytm Payments Bank Wallet & Transit Card is designed to cater to commuters across the NCR region, offering one card for various payment needs, including multi-mode transport operators and online shopping.

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Building on Past Success

This isn’t Paytm Payments Bank’s first venture into mass transit solutions. The NCMC card follows the successful adoption of FASTags for electronic toll collection, which has been widely used across India. Paytm Payments Bank has issued over 1.75 crore FASTags, contributing to the creation of an interoperable nationwide payment solution.

Supporting Digital India

The launch of the NCMC card aligns with the Indian government’s Digital India campaign, which aims to provide a unified digital ecosystem for citizens’ everyday financial and travel needs. This initiative represents a significant step forward in enhancing convenience and efficiency in the Delhi-NCR region.

In conclusion, the introduction of the National Mobility Card (NCMC) by Paytm Payments Bank offers a unified payment solution for Delhi-NCR commuters. With its wide range of applications, digital accessibility, and alignment with the Digital India campaign, it’s set to simplify daily transactions for millions in the region.

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