Rupee Performance in Currency Markets: Pre-Market Updates and Expectations June 14, 2023

Rupee Performance in Currency Markets

Date- June 14, 2023

Place- New Delhi, India

As dawn breaks over the subcontinent, the Indian rupee prepares for another day of trading, unfolding its potential story in the global currency markets. With the hustle and bustle of the pre-market preparations, there’s an air of suspense, expectation, and opportunity.

This article will serve as your touchstone, providing timely insights and analyses into the rupee’s performance, peeling back the layers of economic indicators, geopolitical events, and market sentiments that shape its trajectory each day. Stay tuned to decipher the dynamics of the Rupee in the currency markets.


In the USDINR segment, the Rupee and the Dollar played a captivating game of push and pull. The day dawned with the Rupee at a rate of 82.32 to the Dollar, symbolizing a promising start. By the time markets closed, the Rupee had witnessed a slight dip, closing at 82.38. The dance was minute, but significant in the grander scheme of things, an echo of the global economic dance that never sleeps.


Moving on to the Euro, the competition was fierce, and the exchange fluctuated throughout the day. However, the curtain dropped with almost no change. The Rupee started at a sturdy 88.95 and completed its journey at a near-identical 88.94. The stability in the EURINR pair showcased the Rupee’s ability to hold its ground against the Euro, an encouraging sign for the days to come.


The drama unfolded further with the GBP. Here, the Rupee started at 103.75 against the Pound, a formidable adversary indeed. However, by the close of the day, the Rupee had managed to pull off a surprising turnaround, closing at 103.52. This performance reflected the Rupee’s resilience and showcased a day of gain in the GBPINR pair, a promising finale to the act.


Finally, in the land of the rising sun, the Rupee had an exciting run. Opening the day at 58.88 against the Japanese Yen, surprised us by closing at a higher 59.13. This showed a rise in the value of the Yen against the Rupee, an interesting twist in the JPYINR storyline.

Key Market Insights for Today

The Indian Rupee kicked off the day on a strong note, besting the dollar by opening at 82.28 as compared to the previous closing of 82.37. However, the pre-opening session saw the benchmark indices taking a dip.

At 9:02 AM IST, a veil of gloom had descended over the trading floor as the Sensex recorded a plunge of 195.32 points, registering a 0.31% drop at 62,947.84. Similarly, the Nifty fell by 29.20 points, witnessing a 0.16% decline at 18,687.00. But not all was lost; Asian markets held their ground firmly while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq surged to their highest close in over a year, fueled by modest consumer price increases in May.

Looking forward, the markets are tipped to follow an upward trajectory in Wednesday’s trades, thanks to sharp gains in the US markets. This surge was driven by an optimistic reaction to moderated inflation, sparking hopes of a more dovish stance from the Federal Reserve. Meanwhile, a positive global development was the People’s Bank of China cutting a key interest rate, a move geared at bolstering growth by pumping extra funds into the banking system. This could certainly lift the spirits of local traders.

Investor focus will also be drawn to FOMC Chairman Jerome Powell’s statements on policy projections. Should the Fed decide to maintain the current rates, it could trigger a wave of positivity that might catapult the Nifty towards its all-time-high of 18888 sooner than anticipated. With regard to futures, the USDINR 27 June contract showed a slight weakness. Based on the daily technical chart, the pair is operating under its trend-line support level of 82.50 with a negative divergence evident in the MACD.

From a technical standpoint, the RSI is tracking below 50 levels, revealing a sense of weakness. The pair holds support at 82.22-82.00, while resistance lies at 82.70-82.95. It is expected to oscillate within the range of 82.00-83.05. The coming days promise an exciting dance between bulls and bears!

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