Pre-Market Updates and Expectations Aug 18, 2023

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Date: Aug 18, 2023

Place: New Delhi, India

In the early trading hours on August 18, 2023, the Indian Rupee (INR) displayed mixed movements against major global currencies, with the currency showing strength against the US Dollar (USD) and the Japanese Yen (JPY), while facing a minor challenge against the British Pound (GBP) and maintaining stability against the Euro (EUR).

USD/INR: Indian Rupee Rebounds above 83.00 Amid US Dollar’s Yield-Driven Retreat

The USD/INR exchange rate stands at 83.070, reflecting a decrease of 0.026 units or 0.03% from the previous session. The Indian Rupee continues its upward momentum, causing the USD/INR to witness a three-day losing streak. Market sentiment is notably influenced by the performance of the US Dollar, which has responded to fluctuations in Treasury bond yields. The INR appears to be bolstered by the softening of the US Dollar after achieving Year-To-Date (YTD) highs in bond yields.

GBP/INR: British Pound Indian Rupee – Modest Decline Amid Market Volatility

The GBP/INR exchange rate is positioned at 105.772, marking a decrease of 0.142 units or 0.13% compared to the previous session. The British Pound is experiencing a subtle decline against the Indian Rupee amidst prevailing market volatility. The GBP/INR movement underscores the intricate interplay between economic conditions and global uncertainties that impact currency valuations.

EUR/INR: Euro Indian Rupee – Stability Amidst Global Uncertainties

The EUR/INR exchange rate remains relatively unchanged at 90.43, indicating no significant movement (0.00%) from the previous session. Despite a challenging global market sentiment, the Euro retains stability against the Indian Rupee. Market analysts are observing the EUR/INR pair as it navigates the delicate balance between a firm dollar and widespread pessimism in the global market environment.

JPY/INR: Japanese Yen Indian Rupee – Yen Edges Higher Against INR

The JPY/INR exchange rate is at 57.15, showing an increase of 0.1589 units or 0.28% from the previous session. The Japanese Yen is making slight gains against the Indian Rupee in today’s early trading. This movement is reflective of the complex dynamics in global markets, as traders assess the influence of the Japanese Yen against the backdrop of the Indian Rupee’s strength and broader market shifts.

As the trading day progresses, investors and traders will likely keep a close watch on these currency pairs, given the ongoing fluctuations in global market sentiments. Economic indicators, geopolitical developments, and central bank actions are expected to play a significant role in shaping the movement of these currency pairs.


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