Senco Gold Shines Bright with Record Q3 Results, Shares Surge 15%

Senco Gold

January 11, 2023

New Delhi, India

Senco Gold Q3

Senco Gold, the renowned jewelry retail player with over five decades of history, is making waves in the market with its stellar performance in Q3FY24. The company’s shares soared over 15%, reaching a fresh lifetime high of ₹850 apiece.

Stellar Financial Performance

In a recent business update, Senco Gold reported its highest-ever Q3 revenue, showcasing a robust 24% year-on-year growth. The positive trend extended over the first nine months of FY24, with a substantial 26% YoY growth. The company’s strategic offerings, including Dhanteras and festive promotions, played a pivotal role in boosting footfall and catalyzing sales.

Diverse Growth Drivers

Despite the prevailing upward trend in gold prices, Senco Gold achieved an impressive 9% volume growth in gold and an astonishing 27% volume growth in diamond jewelry. The success of the old gold exchange program, contributing 33% to total sales, signals a shift from non-organized to organized market dynamics, with Senco emerging as the preferred jeweler.

Same Store Sales Growth (SSSG) and Showroom Expansion

Same Store Sales Growth (SSSG) accounted for 17% of the total 24% growth in Q3 FY24, showcasing the company’s consistent growth. Senco Gold also expanded its footprint by launching 19 new showrooms in the last nine months, bringing the total showroom count to an impressive 155.

Stock Performance and Analyst Outlook

Senco Gold’s stock, which debuted at ₹405.3 apiece in July of the previous year, has witnessed a remarkable 157% premium over its IPO price, hitting an all-time high of ₹850. Analysts from SBI Securities initiated coverage in December, giving a ‘buy’ rating with a target price of ₹920, citing the company’s strong legacy, focus on affordability, and effective business model.

Positive Market Sentiment

The market’s positive response to Senco Gold’s Q3FY24 update underscores investor confidence in the company’s ability to navigate market trends and capitalize on key growth drivers. The tag of being a preferred jeweler and the consistent improvement in the stud ratio further solidify Senco Gold’s position in the Indian retail jewelry market.


Senco Gold‘s remarkable Q3 results, strategic initiatives, and expansion efforts have propelled it to new heights in the jewelry retail sector. The company’s ability to maintain growth despite challenges in the market has garnered attention and trust from investors, setting the stage for continued success in the future.

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