Rupee Performance in Currency Markets: Pre-Market Updates and Expectations June 15, 2023

Pre-Market Updates and Expectations June 15, 2023

The Indian Rupee exhibited a mixed performance in currency markets on June 14, 2023, with a slight strengthening against the British Pound and Euro, while witnessing marginal depreciation against the US Dollar and Japanese Yen. Amidst fluctuating global cues and domestic dynamics, traders are eagerly observing market trends. The following is a detailed pre-market analysis and expectations for the major currency pairs involving the Rupee.


Opening at 82.32, the USDINR pair registered a mild increment, closing the day at 82.38. The strengthening of the dollar against the rupee is largely attributable to the buoyant US economic data released on June 14, which fostered positive sentiments towards the dollar. The Federal Reserve’s hawkish stance on the US monetary policy and persistent concerns over inflation also had a role to play. Moving forward, the rupee’s trajectory will remain sensitive to developments in the US economy and global market sentiments.


The GBPINR pair demonstrated an opposite trend, opening at 103.75 and closing at a slightly reduced level of 103.52. This signifies the rupee’s marginal appreciation against the pound. The ongoing uncertainties surrounding the post-Brexit trade relations and the Bank of England’s dovish tone contributed to the pound’s weakness. Looking ahead, the performance of the rupee against the pound will continue to hinge on the evolution of the UK’s economic recovery and changes in monetary policy.


The Euro exhibited an almost static performance against the rupee, with the EURINR pair opening at 88.95 and closing a hair’s breadth lower at 88.94. The Eurozone’s ongoing struggles with slow economic recovery and concerns over potential deflationary risks have kept the Euro under pressure. The future trend of the rupee against the Euro will depend on how the European Central Bank manoeuvres its monetary policy to address these challenges.


The JPYINR pair opened at 58.73, closing higher at 59.13, implying a minor depreciation of the rupee against the yen. The Yen’s strength can be attributed to its status as a safe-haven asset amidst the current market uncertainties. However, Japan’s own economic troubles, such as its subdued growth and inflation dynamics, may temper the yen’s performance. The rupee’s direction against the yen will be influenced by the interplay of these global market risks and Japan’s domestic economic health.


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