Indian Stock Market Hits Historic ₹400 Lakh Crore Milestone

Indian stock market

April 8, 2023

New Delhi, India

Indian Stock Market Surpasses ₹400 Lakh Crore Mark

Market Capitalization Milestone

In a landmark achievement, the Indian stock market has crossed the ₹400 lakh crore mark in market capitalization for the first time. This milestone reflects the buoyant sentiment prevailing in the market, driven by robust performance across various sectors.

Factors Driving Market Sentiment

Positive financial updates from numerous companies have contributed to the optimistic outlook among investors. Heavyweight stocks such as HDFC Bank and Reliance Industries have played a pivotal role in bolstering the market performance. Additionally, strong auto sales figures have further fueled confidence in the economy’s growth trajectory.

Index Performance

The BSE Sensex benchmark has surged to new heights, climbing by 425 points to reach a record high of 74,676 points. This consistent upward trend in the index underscores the market’s resilience and potential for further growth. Notably, the index has witnessed a significant increase of 3.28% in the current year, following an impressive return of 18.74% in CY23.

Historical Context

The journey towards this milestone has been marked by steady progress over the years. The BSE-listed companies first reached a market capitalization of ₹100 lakh crore in March 2014, followed by ₹200 lakh crore in February 2021, and ₹300 lakh crore in July 2023. The recent leap to ₹400 lakh crore underscores the market’s sustained momentum and growth trajectory.

Rapid Market Growth Trajectory

The Indian stock market’s growth trajectory has been remarkable, with the NSE-listed firms also approaching the ₹400 lakh crore mark. The journey from $2 trillion to $4 trillion market capitalization for NSE-listed firms highlights the market’s rapid expansion, driven by factors such as increased retail participation, foreign portfolio investor inflows, and strong domestic economic growth.


The Indian stock market‘s achievement of surpassing ₹400 lakh crore in market capitalization signifies a significant milestone in its journey towards greater financial prominence. With positive market sentiment, strong performance across sectors, and favorable economic indicators, the outlook for the Indian stock market remains optimistic, paving the way for continued growth and investment opportunities.

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